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12 Useful Tips Planning A Destination Wedding

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Everyone will tell you that planning a wedding of any kind is extremely stressful, and having a destination wedding abroad is no different.

We have put together 12 useful tips to help you set up your starting point, a base to work on, a structured way to bring some stability to the wedding planning process. 

Start the planning process early it is the key to less stress, success is allowing others to take on the challenges while you deal with other pressing matters.

1. Picking the right dates. 

Pick the right Month first; This is a starting point allowing you to be flexible with your possible dates until you are 100% sure the destination matches with your preferred time-period, budget and possibly considering the family and guests.

It makes sense, right? 

2. Match the perfect destination to your preferred Month. 

This way, you eliminate arriving out of season with the risk of rain or other seasonal problems, no one wants a soggy wedding on the beach.

Is the destination & venue a budget bonus as the Honeymoon location, or do you want to move on? 

Can you compromise with the dates a little, risk it and save a little cash, does it matter if the wedding is inside or outside? Everything to consider, no stone un-turned.

Tip 8 is going to help with all. these questions

3. Look at travel costs to match your destination.

Pricing can take several weeks of reviewing the web for best rates and cross-referencing, so be smart and take the time, it will be worth it!

Remember that this with be your honeymoon as well.

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4. Time to pick the right venue. 

A Resort or Private Villa, do you want a beach?


Better still a combo package, Resort and Villa, you will be surprised at the options available to you.

Very much a personal choice, and it could be an exciting topic of conversation with friends and family, but the ultimate decision is you and your partners. 

Guest can stay where & when they like, free to do what they wish as long as everyone turns up on the big day; Right? 

Remember they are on a budget and it is their holiday as well.

Now is the time to start narrowing things down and setting the date based on the total knowledge gained so far.

5. Now the wedding "style" and "dress code".

Thinking about the style of wedding and memories you are dreaming about, also the weather and temperature, this will matter and depending on what you want in Tip 4, and you can adjust outfits accordingly.

Ask yourself, how much does a wedding dress cost?

Will you carry the "1 day only" wedding dress or hire locally? Wedding dress purchase is not cheap; best look at all your options.

The "one-day-only" overpriced wedding dress expenditure could it better spent on a "Romantic Honeymoon Suite" in a 5-star hotel in a place that some people can only people dream about, ask yourself, what you would prefer?

Time to review and adjust

Now that you have the first five tips, it would be a great time to take a breather and work on these as the starting point of the planning process, no need to involve many people at this stage of the process; you will have ample time to put the idea out to family and friends in due course you can sell it to your VIP's, keep it simple and personal, just for now.

I am sure you will go around in circles trying to connect all the dots, so stay calm and do it in small manageable batches, like doing a 1000 piece zigsaw puzzle, finding the corners first, then the edges and then filling in the middle, one piece at a time.

Once you have settled on the Month and the destination and the perfect venue, it is time to think about the next Five Tips.

6.The Whole Budget.

Our advice is always to keep within your affordable income, do not go home to a new life together in debt.

Now you start building details on the wedding venue and the accommodation type, and this is going to be essential so getting this right is crucial! 

There are ways to save good money, allowing you to have some extra funds available to enjoy elsewhere, possibly an upgrade on the Honeymoon Hotel or some luxury & romantic and adventure trips while on honeymoon.

7. Think about your guest's list!

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Now is the time to start thinking about the guest list, some details to consider. 

  1. How many guests?
  2. Can they afford to join you?
  3. What about any Kids?
  4. Is it suitable for everyone?
  5. What are the travel implications for everyone?
  6. Do you elope to keep it simple, luxury and affordable? https://www.perfect-senses.com/blog/is-elopement-right-for-you-and-your-partner
  7. We believe you should not pay any costs for the guests to join you, if they wish to support you on the big day and enjoy an extraordinary moment while on holiday, they should cover their costs, after all, it is a vacation for them, plus you are spending enough on the main event to give everyone a lifetime of special memories. Ultimately the choice and budget are yours to do as you wish. 

 8. Pick a wedding planner who is on location.

No one knows better about the destination than people who live within the country of your choice, they know the best tips and have a book full of quality supporting vendors, such as makeup artists, photographers, caterers and musicians all ready to give support.

They will make suggestions on the right venue based on budgets, location, style, the number of people etc.

They have spent a lot of time learning every trick in the book to deliver a magical moment. 

9. Will that country allow you to marry?

It is often the choice to have a civil ceremony abroad so you will need to register the marriage in your home country.

You must check the required regulations for the destination abroad and in your own country. 

10. Think about Insurance.

Never travel without the appropriate Insurances; it is a problem waiting to happen, do not assume you can make the payment if anything should happen.

Make sure the Insurance covers all your needs; making sure you think about everything you might be doing while on Your trip.

Accidents do happen!

Now time review and adjust.

Now its is time to review the Ten tips so far listed, go back and review and adjust accordingly, and if you have any doubts and you have taken our advice and secured a wedding planner then talk with them, they will give you all the assistance you need.

Now you should see your wedding dream starting to form, so use this as your action plan. 

Make sure you build a great relationship with your planner; they will make fantastic friends.

11. Start designing your big day.  

style set up

Your wedding abroad, solid foundations are in place, so now you can start thinking about the finer details of your special day, the colours, the menu, your style of music, slowly building it piece by piece just like a giant puzzle, if it fits it is the right choice, if not, do not force it you will find the right part at some point, everything will fall into place.

Go on, start sending out the wedding invitations to the people who you want and can afford to join you, now wait for the necessary RSVP to arrive back.

12. Start booking the Flights and Accommodation and your Wedding Venue.

By now you should have narrowed down your Q&A sheet leaving you a shortlist for your romantic destination wedding, a VIP confirmed guest list, the travel day and wedding date, honeymoon venue and last but not least your return date.

Do not book until the group is confirmed; group bookings can get you special rates, ask your wedding planner for details.

While we have listed in what we feel is a logical order, as an event planning starting point, you may wish to adapt and adjust everything multiple times to suit your situation, that's fine, break it all down, taking each section and the challenges in manageable tasks.

Time for that critical review and implement as required.

Remember! It is your day your way.

Nigel (Nemo) Nicholson.

Thailand's Professional Celebrant,

Master of Ceremonies & Event Planner.     


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