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Bespoke Jewellery Thai Gold

Affordable And The Unique Wedding Jewellery

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Unique wedding accessories for the special person in your life.

Have you considered bespoke wedding jewellery, especially designed, affordable and unique for your partner?

Nothing says "I Love You" more than a pair of designed, handcrafted wedding rings, elevating the romance of the very moment you exchange your wedding rings, that extra final touch of romance and when securing your relationships forever.

Let us suppose you have been considering having a piece of custom-designed, bespoke jewellery for your partner on your wedding day.

You probably think it might be a little bit out of your price range; so you might want to consider some of the positive reasons why custom, bespoke & Unique jewellery, specially designed options are well worth the time and investments.

The main points to consider when paying for bespoke jewellery design is that it will usually be an individual one-off item only for you and your new partner.

Consider it an investment, which can last for decades or more so when kept with loving care and attention.

Whether it is your designer wedding bands, the sparkling engagement rings, eye-catching desirable earrings, the wedding tiaras, or maybe jaw-dropping necklaces, it will all hold value for years to come.

Designer and handcrafted jewellery is a very romantic and unique accessory, to be passed down to family, and will become an heirloom in the years to come.

Importantly a token of "LOVE."


Jewellery 4 Thai Gold Necklace
Jewellery 8 Thai Gold necklace with gemstones


Any bespoke item of jewellery is a perfect present that will not be on show anywhere else, only ever showing up in one place, on your partner.

Truly an exceptional and unique piece, a desirable treasure and over time a memorial for generations to come.

Jewellery is one of the essential requirements of your wedding day; it can be challenging to find the right balance of design, cost and quality to match your style and imagination, not forgetting reinforcing the romance of any wedding ceremony. 

Sometimes off the shelf, showroom jewellery items can show a lack of imagination, unless you are lucky and it has enormous appeal, just the right look. 

Does it fit and match everything else? 

We do not forget the hours, days and weeks of endless browsing of every single wedding resource imaginable.  

You may see the same ring on another person, does this make it less meaningful for you?

 A Future Family Heirloom

With quality and selective bespoke & unique jewellery designs, you are not just paying for a one-off investment you are investing in something that can last for generations to come.

How many ladies have had their eye on great grandmothers rings? 

It is a legacy to continue with you.  

Ethical jewellery products 

Sustainability and traceability have become increasingly important to consumers in recent years, and people are now aware of some of the un-ethical sides of some worldwide jewellery traders. All gems must be ethically sourced, so you can be confident that it hasn't history, which can devalue your investment. It has come from a sustainable source.


Any individual piece of jewellery purchased should last as long as you shall live; generations longer with quality care, always a good idea to have periodic checks buy a reputable jeweller for any defaults.

Jewellery 5
Jewellery 6

I had the privilege to meet a young and talented jewellery designer; her name is Vanitchaya Kittipaisaisilp, she trained in the UK, at the University of Warrick. You can find her work here www.thebestgemsgroup.com are trustworthy and renowned for quality; The Best Gem Group, located in Bangkok, Thailand. A company with an international clientele, you can be sure that the jewellery will be of the highest standard and last a lifetime.

Any reputable designer and manufacturer must purchase gems and gold from trusted suppliers to ensure the highest quality that is available and the right choice for your design.

Did you know that Thai Gold jewellery often has a purity of 96,5% gold, 23 karats, the other 3,5% consist of metals such as Bronz and Silver, also available 22, 20 or 18 karat jewellery. Not forgetting white and blended gold required by the western style of wedding Jewellery?

Higher karat gold tends to be slightly softer; the lower karat Gold product can be for wedding rings and delicate jewellery, it is more robust and hard-wearing. 

Thai gold often has a beautiful intense "yellow" colour due to the high karat, Thai and Asian people love to purchase pure gold and prefer the rich yellow colour.

I had the pleasure of admiring the finished products as a wedding celebrant here in Thailand, I have witnessed the beauty and elegance of unique handcrafted wedding accessories, especially the wedding rings. 

The quality and design of bespoke and unique wedding jewellery are pieces of art; there elegance and quality is the reason for the credit in this blog.

There are plenty of reputable designers worldwide, and we recommend you do your due diligence thoroughly.

Certification & value for money

Many people have experienced difficulties when buying unique jewellery, finding out that it wasn't such a bargain after all. You must be sure that they have invested in genuine stones and quality precious metals. Do not be afraid to ask the awkward questions and make sure you get all the appropriate certificates and warranties.

To learn more about destination weddings in Thailand.  


Nigel ( Nemo) Nicholson,

Professional Celebrant, Event planner,


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