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Sri Panwa and Cape Panwa Hotels from the ocean

Destination Wedding In Thailand.

Are you considering beautiful Thailand for the wedding?

The land of smiles is an impressive destination, but be careful it does have some issues depending on the season, if you do things right, you will have an idyllic wedding & honeymoon experience imaginable, everything you need is right here in Thailand.

Phuket, just one island of so many wedding & honeymoon locations this country has to offer, all the islands beaches are beautiful, you have so many options, they are perfect for any wedding or the renewing of the wedding vows, a perfect opportunity not to be missed by couples, especially for any wedding couple looking for that all-important photo opportunity.

You may wish to consider other Thailand locations, such as:-

  • Koh Samui,
  • Koh Phi Phi,
  • Koh Lanta,
  • Koh Lak,
  • Phang Na,
  • Krabi,
  • Pattaya,
  • Hua Hin,

Do not forget, Bangkok and Chang Mai if beach weddings are not your thing.

The key to success is your wedding planner doing their part, giving you all the best advice on picking the perfect location, the right venue and at the best time of the year to hold your wedding and not forgetting the all-important honeymoon.

Flights are always at premium rates if you want to travel around the high season, as a general rule this is from Nov until April, if you can be flexible you will find a window of opportunity where the flight cost often drop and most hotels need bums on beds, this period is often a promotional bargain waiting to be snatched up.

The best period is when the ocean is at its best and behaving itself is of course high season, the waters around Phuket are calm and beautiful and with no or very low risk of rain.

Low season the ocean they can be unpredictable and scenic, even in low season, you could have beautiful sunny days but with white surf breaking and crashing waves, a powerful backdrop for the picture book weddings; the gamble is yours to make, here at perfect-senses events we will give you the best, the bad and the not so nice for your selected dates.

Accommodation Recommendations, Hotel, Private Villa or the Beach.

Accommodation for your Wedding is it about the budget for you and your friends and family?, If you are on a reduced budget then mix your package to your wallet, spend a little less before and after your wedding, and you will end up with a mean average over your period.

How much does Thailand wedding cost is a good question? my answer would be, what are your expectations? This is why you should have a "FREE" consultation with our wedding planner. 

As Thailand wedding planners we inspect all recommended hotels to you, we will try to offer you three options based on your "venue brief", the final choice will be yours, we would not offer you anything that is not a match, we also provide images we have taken while doing our inspections. 

If we do not have already a review of a venue you do like, we will get one done just for you.

When it comes to the additional vendor requirements for your wedding, we secure the services of some amazing people, it is wise to get this date set, and everyone booked because Thailand is a huge wedding mecca in Asia, the marriage season gets booked up well in advanced especially in places like Phuket.

The location, this is critical for the special day and the venue at that location is going to be corner piece of your success puzzle, for you and any guests joining you on this epic dream.


Angsana Chapel
Beach View Phuket

You can find out about villa weddings in Phuket here - https://www.perfect-senses.com/blog/perfect-reasons-to-have-a-villa-wedding-in-phuket

Getting around your location, the things you must keep in mind are the transport cost if you are going to tour the island and party night the night away, Taxi and Tuk-Tuk fares can expensive and will be too much to keep dipping into your spending money day after day, a good reason why you may wish to mix and match hotels and their locations, flexibility is the key to having a budget-friendly wedding abroad.

There is plenty of car and motorbike hire vendors all over the country, some independent some are well-known brands, you should make sure your travel insurance is approved for suitable vehicle hire, especially the motorbikes.

If family & friends are on a budget, once again a good planner with the help you with how best to find the middle ground on costs, they may even save you some hard-earned cash so make sure you ask all the people travelling what they want while on their stay here, remember they are spending good vacation time, lots of money to support you on your day and also taking valuable vacation time.

Some couples and their Kids are an essential consideration when you make your invite lists out, everyone will they have their individual needs to consider in your plans, believe us this is going to take you plenty of your time sorting all the minor issues, we hear regularly from couples clashing over trivial matters such costs, things to do, breakaway days, eating and the endless list goes on.

Couples often thrive on having friends and family with them for the whole time period, and some like to bug out after to go on Honeymoon and leave the others to split up or stay as one group and finish off their vacation their way.

Perfect senses events

"Everyone here at Perfect Senses Events assures you that no matter what type of wedding you require, you and your guests will have an exceptional experience".

Your religion, ethnic background, sexuality or common beliefs, Perfect senses events and the country of Thailand do not discriminate as long as you keep within the legal government boundaries.

More about LBGTQ weddings here - https://www.perfect-senses.com/blog/gay-weddings-in-thailand

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