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Destination Weddings in Phuket

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Good reasons why you should select an event planner for your Phuket wedding.

To some travellers, these good reasons may be obvious, however not every person is travel savvy, no situation is going to be the same, it may be that some people have travelled before and are familiar with the country or have spent hours doing research, and I mean hours or even days, worst of all weeks and months, I can tell you some travellers have no idea where to start, each case will different.

The bespoke, feet on the ground event planners in Phuket are true masters of their profession, being independent of any corporate operation they have the freedom to guide you in the right direction, having all the skills and local knowledge will make a massive difference to the service you receive; you may ask why? Local independent planners have either been born in the country or will be well established in the country for a considerable number of years, their knowledge is priceless, I suggest you do not underestimate how much of an asset they are going to be, best of all they do not charge a fortune for the services received.

You should take the time to talk with your chosen planner, figure out what you really need, I use the word “really” because all too often couples explode their budgets because they have no action plan, if you are happy then sign up ASAP and ensure that you get the right wedding planner for you and the best results for your perfect Phuket wedding. Any good independent wedding planner will cater for all your needs, and they will stimulate all your senses, they will have a vast support network and will step up to the plate delivering a lifetime of memories, and within your approved budget.

Remember any independent wedding planners in Phuket will have to keep up their reputation for service; in most cases, they are a small business and reputation means everything to them.

Location, venue, and your budget will be vital to you when you are searching for the perfect Phuket wedding, you have so many options, and it is all so time-consuming and can be costly to do all the research on your own and deal with so factors, therefore a wedding planner is the right choice.

Phuket Wedding PartyThailand Wedding Venues

Wedding planners already know the best venues, vendors and will match you instantly, this is all based on the brief from you, once they have all the essential details they can come back to you with options, they will ask for a detailed list of what you are looking for, the number of guests, how many days you want to stay at the wedding venue, do you want to downgrade or move hotels due to costs, or more touristy location and what about your guests and their preferences? Remember they are also travelling and paying a lot of money to be supporting you on your wedding day, are you having your Honeymoon sperate from your guests? For how many days? And will you re-join them later or will you be on your own adventure, the list can be almost endless, trust me you will have enough to do trying to put this wedding puzzle together, do you really think you will save time and money trying to work it all out, I do not think so!

Thailand Wedding VenueThe local planner here in Phuket will have experience working with every professional vendor, such as florists, photographers, caterers, bridal hire, hair and makeup, transport, and they will know who is a professional, of course each planner will have the preferred vendor list but they will be ranked for quality and availability and tried and trusted to deliver.

Event planners are sponges for every detail of a wedding and are always happy to share useful information to help you enjoy your trip, and they will become very close to you in so many ways, they have an arsenal of people to call on when needed, so trust them and most importantly work close with them.

Any good wedding planner in Phuket has all the contacts with Hotels, like the “Cape Panwa Hotel”, The villas, even amazing yacht owner having checked and documented if it has the capability to hold such an event, for the group size, is a yacht suitable for all the guests, think again.

Now, this is important! How many times have you looked through glossy travel magazines or checked on the internet for holidays, hotels and best beaches just to find that when arriving it is not quite the picture-perfect location, we all hear about the holiday from hell, so trust your local event planners, they will have the knowledge of what venue is the right one for you based on what you tell them.

Just keep this thought! Hotels and online booking agents want to sell you only their venues, their packages, and all the bling that goes with their package deal, whereas boots on the ground local wedding planners right here in Phuket have the resources and will mix and match all your requirements, all based on all the details exchanged when doing fact-finding sessions, saving you plenty of time and money. Not every event planner on the web are not in Phuket, some are online and using the system by outsourcing and contracting all the services from afar, working the big hotel chains, cutting deals and if your lucky do an inspection once a year at the select venue posted on the web, I am not saying everyone is, but they are out there doing business because people are none the wiser.

 Destination Wedding Thailand

Wedding planners and celebrant are going to be an essential part of your wedding, and this is something for you to consider, I completed my course in the UK with the Fellowship of professional celebrant because it was important to me to do the job professionally. I enjoy what I do, if you are going to be an expert then do it right, I am not saying that the celebrants who arent professionally trained are inadequate. However, there is a skillset to this profession. I have seen and heard some excellent ceremonies, bad too, as a professional who has spent a lot of money perfecting my skills, so I recommend that you talk to your wedding planner and then with your celebrant several times, meet with them once when you arrive, face to face time permitting, and make sure they can deliver a ceremony that will leave you with so many beautiful memories.

The final thing to consider when choosing your wedding planner is to connect personally with them , event planners in Phuket will most likely offer similar packages, give great friendly advice and work with most of the same quality vendors week in week out, all year round, it is essential that you have plenty of contact with them, it works both ways and you need to open up to them. Your carefully selected event planner needs to work within the details and budget specified.

Thai Wedding AisleThey will not charge you a small fortune for their services, the amount of work they will do for you is very cost-effective, just try to imagine your hourly rate and how many hours work it would be for you to provided that perfect day, how difficult it will be from overseas, event planners in most cases will save you plenty of money and time, Yes they will get commission but just remember they provide a quality and personal service and spend as many if not more hours than you can imagine in delivering the perfect wedding day.

Wedding planning and celebrant services

If you would like to know more about a professional wedding planner and Celebrant, please fill out the contact details on the website, and we will be happy to have an open discussion with you.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, and I hope you found it informative and exciting.

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