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Gay Weddings in Thailand

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If you are taking the time to read this article, then you must be thinking about a gay wedding in Thailand and doing your research on the stunning locations available to you such as Phuket. Gay marriages are common in Thailand and at Perfect Senses, we can help to provide you with a special and memorable trip.

Thailand and Gay Marriage

Thailand is a very LBGTQ friendly country, a playground for the free and single community wanting to hook up, and a fantastic wedding and honeymoon destination for couples, straight or gay and a stadium full of temptations for everyone in between.

Gay weddings are welcome here, and an excellent local wedding planner is the best option to make sure that your marriage is perfect and ticks all the boxes. Local experts also know how to get the most out of your budget using well established and trusted contacts.

Nothing will be too much trouble, and we will deliver a massive smile to you and your guests.

Phuket - A perfect gay wedding destination in Thailand

You cannot get a much better location than this gorgeous place; Phuket is an island that has so much to offer, beautiful warm weather, breathtaking waters with long beaches, not forgetting plenty of quality hotels in the best locations, ideal for holding a wedding ceremony.

At Perfect Senses, we are happy to be your wedding planner & celebrant, and you will be sure to get the right response from everyone involved.

Phuket is very open to LBGTQ and holds there own Pride Parade every year to promote equality. You will see plenty of gay singles and couples walking the beautiful locations around Phuket, and throughout Thailand.

Phuket Nightlife

Night Life in Phuket

If you are a little reserved that is ok too, Phuket has its gay area to hang out at, and it is called “Soi Paradise”, it is not far from the centre of Patong. In the evenings there is plenty to entertain you, the best bars and clubs that anyone could want. Including the famous Bangla road with all its glamour and glitter, a must-visit for anyone no matter what your gender. It is worth the trip alone just for the giggles and entertainment factor and there is a frantic buzz about the place, and an excellent time to walk about is around 9.00pm until early hours.

Plenty To Do

Plenty to do in Phuket

Put your best foot forward and do your research and then come and step onto the long beautiful sandy beaches, swim in the warm waters, visiting the tourist attractions and mixing with plenty of gay people from all over the world.

The warm-hearted and very often local gay vendors will keep you supplied with plenty of fresh cold coconuts, amazing cocktails and delicious Thai food while having plenty of exciting entertainment. If Thai food is not your thing, then you will still see plenty of other options, pizza, KFC, Big Mac, steaks, fresh seafood and plenty of vegetarians, so the list goes on, something for everyone.

In the day time, you can chill and unwind from your hectic home life or get up and go! Grab a meter taxi with air-con or local tuk-tuk (open-air vehicle) and see more of what Phuket has on offer. The day time is entirely different from the nights. Thailand is full of surprises; within a short drive, you can be in the jungle or an exciting urban area, you will have plenty of options for day and night adventures.

Do not miss out on taking a day out and visit some of Phuket local markets, Phuket town has a significant night market on a Sunday night, with plenty of Thai delights to try and traditional dancing along the route.

Tuk Tuk

Taking in the culture

Making time to visit the rich history of tin mining and cultural destinations such as the temples, and a must-see sight is the big Budhha in Chalong, which is on the east side of the island, it is on the top of a steep hill overlooking the whole area and overlooking the big bay full of yachts and dive boats. An excellent photo opportunity which will intrigue all your friend and family back home, a great topic of conversation to have over dinner or drinks in the future, delivering a lifetime of memories.

A Thai Wedding Planner you can trust.

You will have probably have so many questions if you are thinking of getting married in Thailand, after all, it is a huge milestone getting married!

Don’t worry Perfect Senses are here to help you plan out the event and spend your special day celebrating. Having lived in Phuket for 15 years, our very own fully qualified civil celebrant Nigel even had his wedding here, so he and the team have plenty of local knowledge to share, and our incredible Thai team will also be on hand to ensure you wedding day is perfect.

Why not start discovering how you can enjoy your dream gay wedding today? Get in touch! 

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