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Is Elopement right for you and your Partner

The phrase "elopement", To run away secretly to get married.

Couples elope for many reasons, and it can be an instantaneous action when a couple is a romanticly head over heels and a loving match. Eloping has evolved over the years, in more modern times, couples prefer to flee to save money and avoid the pressures of a big lavish wedding and not having to try and please everyone within their circle of family and friends.

In times past, eloping may have been to get married when you are forbidden, forbidden by parents or for your sexual preferences, possibly religion and cultural reasons.

There is a very long list of reasons to why they feel the need to escape the traditional home wedding. The critical thing is others need to respect that "ours is not to reason why" and recognise the couple's wishes.

Today it is more to avoid starting one's married life with significant debt; maybe it is more cost-effective to combine the wedding and honeymoon as one, carefully considering that today's modern weddings are not cheap.

Maybe it is the excitement of throwing caution to the wind and seeking a thrill; everyone has a valid reason.

Weddings can be large celebrations and significant financial headaches when planning such a showcase moment in your life.

Planning an entire wedding can feel like an enormous weight on your shoulders, the commitment, the stress levels beyond control, some have said traumatic, especially if it does not go as planned.

Elopements are a more intimate affair, maybe a handful of guests, most of the time it is only the couple.

A complimenting blend of both the traditional and non-traditional, your day exactly the way you wanted it.



Elopement will require some careful planning.

Destination, Location and Venue for your ceremony?

Who can we trust and invite?

The world today is so much more accessible to everyone, plenty of global choices with so many options on the table, does it release the pressure valve or not?

Yet you still have the pressures of planning your escape and the wedding ceremony the carefully selected destination.


Some useful questions to ask yourself

  • The urgency of your elopement?
  • What is the real reason for the need to elope?
  • Is eloping the answer, or could you settle for a "destination wedding" with limited invites to people who can afford such a holiday?
  • Will a destination wedding cause less friction to everyone within your family and friends?
  • Should we keep it low key and budget-friendly?
  • Do you make the moment extra special and be lavish because you may have additional funds available?
  • What details do we want to incorporate?
  • If anyone, who do you invite to join you, or is three a crowd?
  • Will it be a secret?
  • Who do you tell and will they keep the secret?
  • Who is going to be offended when you tell them your good news when you return?
  • How much will you save by eloping?
  • Do you splash the cash on a more superior marriage and honeymoon, in a more exotic location?
  • Do you require the registration in your own country, or do you go to a destination that your marriage is 100% legally in one package?
  • Are you going to feel any emotional pain once you have left for your special day or will you rejoice in the fact you are on your way regardless?
  • Will you feel the need to celebrate when you return home?

We suggest taking advantage of an "on location" wedding planner, a company like Perfect Senses Events they are professional event planners on the exotic island of Phuket, Thailand,

With their own UK trained civil celebrant, they will take the pressure off you instantly, providing expert advice and holding your hand, guiding you through the process with local knowledge and the expertise required to deliver.

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