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Phuket Wedding Villa

Perfect reasons to have a villa wedding in Phuket

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Planning a dream wedding in Thailand? What could be more perfect than a stunning intimate villa in Phuket, where you can have your wedding day exactly as you want it.

 If you are thinking of having a destination wedding or an event with family and friends, then a Villa could be an excellent choice for you.

“Why?” I hear you ask. Well! You can have your family & friends that are travelling with you all enjoying the secluded and personal property, after all, they are paying hard-earned money to be with you. Some villas are luxury properties and have as many as 10 double bedrooms (all with en-suite), games rooms, well equipt gyms, pools -  I know of one with a movie theatre. These villas are often on the beachfront giving you access to some of the best beaches on the island, this will allow you to be one big happy family for the duration of your stay in Phuket.

Some Villas can come with maids and chefs and some also have the extra service of a driver, they will cater to all your needs. The grounds are often secluded, so you can just let your hair down without disturbing fellow tourists, you can enjoy your time entertaining yourself to the early hours. If the property is in a villa complex setting, you will have to watch the noise levels late at night but no big issue.

When it comes to your wedding day, the event team will arrive on your doorstep, they will set up and pamper you and your guests. The correct venue is so important, you want the right setting for that all-important wedding ceremony, after all, it is all about Location, Location, and Location, We work closely with Trisara who have some of the most stunning Villas ideal for a wedding.  

Phuket Wedding Villa

The cost of a villa in Phuket

While you might think “ouch” when you see the cost, it will be a luxury villa so you can sort of expect it. And yes, it could be horrendous, but you can still be savvy about it. You can split the total cost between the number of people staying and it might work out less than you’d imagine, and a lot more fun. The added benefit of having the place to yourself will make your wedding more perfect. You won’t have to share with strangers or people scrambling for sun loungers; the gym and pool are just for you. You’ve got total freedom only to be you.

Finding a villa in Phuket

Pick the right location based on your guests’ needs. Make sure they can do what they want and when they wish without expensive taxi drives to shopping centres and any touristy ventures. this is all about the right planning.

The right villa will offer a plan B should you need cover if it rains, picking the right villa in the right season will be critical to a successful wedding event, a good wedding planner will always have a plan B in place.

The carefully selected villa will make any event more personal and will tick all the right boxes with everyone involved.

Do not forget this is an excellent opportunity to have your wedding and honeymoon at the same place being with all the people you love, and if you want to bug out for a couple of days that’s fine too, you are only vacating one room, or maybe everyone wants to downsize or split up, you can book a villa for a short or long period, typically 2-3 days is the minimum, then go separate ways into hotels! A win-win situation.

Phuket Eating On Budget

Eating on a budget

Purchasing your own food and drink can be a lot cheaper and a lot of fun, plus this will be another saving, buying from supermarkets, or even local markets with plenty of fresh fruits, fish , meats and vegetables you have plenty of choices, do not be afraid to venture out, and remember you may or may not have the services of a chef on hand to do the cooking, so maybe just think about eating out as much as you can, the local restaurants can be so much cheaper and very tasty, if you see an eating place that is busy and has foreign and locals enjoying the food then you should step in and give it a try.

The planning of your wedding or event will have to be bang on target, or the whole adventure will just miss the mark. So, build your wedding right. It can be in a beautiful destination and within a budget suitable to all. A great wedding planner may cost minimal extra. As professionals, they know how to make that special day blossom and in the right location, so do not be afraid to have a chat, we want to work with you, giving you a lifetime of memories.

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